I don't know about you, but I've already made my donation to support our latest hero, the Based Stick Man of Berkeley -- a.k.a. the Alt-Knight, the Commie Crusher, the Antifa Thrasher -- who is now languishing in jail, after being arrested for bravely defending Trump supporters from violent terrorist antifa thugs at the "March 4 Trump" at UC Berkeley.

When the march was held (on March 4, geddit?), a lot of decent, patriotic normies came out to show their support for Trump and free speech. Most of them clearly had no inkling of the danger this put them in from evil leftist thugs who were planning unprovoked attacks against them. 

Luckily some members of the Alt-Right -- a wide-ranging alliance that includes White nationalists, ancaps, libertarians, civic nationalists, free speech enthusiasts, among others -- were ready for the Left's onslaught. Prime among them was Based Stick Man (BSM), who came fully equipped with stick and shield, wearing a gas mask and goggles to protect against pepper spray.

With the Berkeley police standing down as usual, the Left launched their sickening attacks, sucker punching and pepper spraying old Trumpies, picking off the weakest in the pack like a troop of wolves. But then they met a Lion in the shape of BSM, who simply BTFOed the fuck out of them, thwacking several lefties over their brainless heads. He was one of several heroes that day to send the antifa scuttling off like rats with their tails between their legs.

Naturally, for  defending the defenceless and doing his patriotic duty in this way, the scummy Berkeley police decided to arrest him. Show your support

But although a martyr to our cause, BSM has entered Meme Valhalla, the highest accolade in our movement. Here are just a few great memes to pay honour to this new heroic star in our ever-glowing firmament:

You can find more plus biographical information about the man behind the legend at this Everipedia page.

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  1. "thwacking (reminds me of Batman the TV show!) several lefties over their brainless heads" Buahahaahahahahahahahahahahahahaahha. Great line right there. (Oh not to be a jerk but fix the word "tales".)

  2. I didn't screencap it, but he's facing a lot of charges - $100K bail. Though, 4chan says he only needs $10K to get a bond for it.

  3. In reality stick man put a lot of thought in his uniform. Everyone on the right should be dressed similar to him for protection from police batons and leftist thugs. As street fighting between us and the commies (democrats) becomes almost routine, weapons will probably escalate from the baseball bats. We will escalate too. We will win.

  4. This is the same guy that would've committed suicide if his Dungeons & Dragons maxed level character died in the game.