Brooklyn Cops think they have found the culprit.
A week or so ago the Old Dead Media was running with the narrative that America was going through an upsurge of anti-Semitism sparked off by the election of Donald Trump. Among the evidence offered was a spate of bomb threats phoned in to Jewish cultural and community centres and the vandalism of tombstones in a Jewish cemetery in Brooklyn, New York.

The bomb threats quickly turned out to be "fake." Rather than coming from Trump supporters or White Nationalists, as implied, it was found that they were actually made by a Black, left-wing ex-member of the Lugenpresse (lying press).

Now, the second part of the "anti-Semitism upsurge" narrative has collapsed after it was revealed that the vandalized Jewish tombstones had been "victims" of those two evil anti-Semitic forces of the universe known as Time and Gravity. 

According to a report in the New York Daily News, police and the manager of the cemetery believe that almost all the tombstones simply fell over:
Police and the general manager of a Jewish cemetery in Brooklyn said that 42 fallen headstones were not caused by vandals, saying Sunday that the memorials had naturally tipped over due to age...

“It definitely was not vandalism,” Marisa Tarantino, general manager of the Washington Cemetery on Bay Parkway in Midwood, told reporters.

“The older sections, as the stones wear, they do fall over or are unstable,” she continued. “What we do is we lay them across the grave to keep them memorialized rather than taking (them) away.”

A police spokesman agreed.
If there is any scandal here, it has nothing to do with Trump and anti-Semitism, and more to do with the shoddy design and construction standards observed by those companies involved in selling tombstones to grieving Jews. 
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  1. Hey there Rabbi, whatcha doing there... lol. They can't sell a hate crime to save their lives.