When UKIP got nearly 4 million votes in the 2015 election but only one seat in Parliament, it was a clear injustice. 

Most thought it was merely because of the unfair voting system. But now it seems that the Tories broke actual spending rules to deny UKIP leader Nigel Farage the parliamentary seat of South Thanet.

The way they did this was by sending staff and famous politicians from their Central office and then hiding the costs that were far in excess of campaign spending limits for that parliamentary seat. 

This has now become a very serious police case, and could result in the sitting MP Craig Mackinlay being disqualified and the election being held again. Recently Mackinlay was interviewed by police for a whopping SIX!!! hours over these serious allegations. 

Nick Timothy, one of Prime Minister Theresa May’s chiefs of staff, was sent to the constituency and was working there "full-time" to stop Farage, according to the former Conservative Party chairman Grant Shapps. 

The cost of his stay should have been recorded as local campaign expenditure but was not. 

The election was also significant for having a UKIP spoiler candidate in popular comedian Al Murray, who campaigned under the banner of the Free United Kingdom Party (FUKP). 

Murray is famous for playing "The Pub Landlord," a supposedly "xenophobic" character that Murray plays "ironically." However, the character is generally popular with nationalists and right-wingers, so Murray's candidacy was a clear attempt to steal votes from Farage.

In the event, Conservative candidate Mackinlay won the seat by 18,838 to Farage's 16,026 votes, a relatively narrow margin. Murray got 318 votes.

If Mackinlay is forced to give up the seat, Farage has said he would consider standing in the resulting by-election.
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