The barrel has been scraped, the well has truly run dry. Britain's politicians have run out of sane or sensible things to say after the latest terrorist attack.

Their mouths move, sounds come out, and some of those sounds even vaguely resemble words, but those words say absolutely nothing.

Likewise with Britain's mainstream journalists. They have run out of sensible things to write. 

Their fingers type, letters appear on paper or screen, and some of those letters form words and even sentences but the sentences say absolutely nothing. 

For example, here is Britain's leading left-wing journalist, Polly Toynbee addressing the terrorist attack in the top left-wing newspaper The Guardian, which doesn't seem very interested in guarding people these days:
"The police warn there will be more [terrorism]. It may be a feature of global life for as far ahead as we can imagine. Treat it like the weather, regardless of whichever fanatical cult takes to random murdering to try to make themselves heard."
Yes, treat it like the weather. Check the "terrorism forecast" every morning and when the Muslims are particularly restive be sure to bring your umbrella. In a madhouse we all become mad after a while.

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