The Trump administration is unwittingly attacking one of its strongest supporters, Richard Spencer and the National Policy Institute. 

Spencer shot to global fame when he raised a glass of (still unidentified) whisky and bellowed to a crowd of fellow Brownshirts and Tia Tequila, "Hail Trump!"

But now the news is that the IRS has removed the tax-exempt status of Spencer's NPI think tank. This means that donations are no longer tax-deductible. 

Apparently, the technical reason is the IRS's own mistake. Since 2012, when NPI filed its last tax return, the IRS had misclassified NPI, publicly listing it as not being required to file such forms. 

In 2012, NPI sent Andy Nowicki to South Africa, in a nearly
 successful attempt to bring down the ANC government.

However, the law states that tax records for such nonprofits must be filed each year, and failing to file for three years in a row results in an automatic loss of tax-exempt status.

The IRS fixed its own error in February, then on Monday (13th March) updated its records with the result that the National Policy Institute’s tax-exempt status was suddenly stripped. This was implemented retroactively to May last year, when the group’s 2015 tax return would have been due.

Spencer gave his take on the controversy in a telephone call to a journalist:
"I don’t know what to say. I don’t want to make a comment because I don’t understand this stuff. It’s a bit embarrassing, but it’s not good. We’ll figure it out."
OK, enough accountant jargon. What's really going on is that there has been a simple mix-up between the White House and the Alt-Right. 

The main reason for this is that our leading think-tank has such an unfortunately bland name that Trump flunkeys find it hard to recognize. Whoever took the decision to revoke NPI's charity status probably did not even realize it was a right wing group, never mind alt-right. 

The obvious way to fix this problem is to give NPI a much more blatantly "Alt-Rightish" moniker. For example, you could rename it the Nationalist Policy Institute or something completely different like the Trumpenreich Foundation or the Fashy Haircut Appreciation Society. 

Any one of these names would have alerted the low-ranking public official who fucked up and made this foolish decision.
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