Gays hold candle-lit vigil for their dead show.
Big media has steadily been pushing the gay agenda for decades, something the public have reluctantly put up with because it has been in relatively small doses. But now it looks like the TV companies have gone too far after they rolled out a number of big budget, gay-themed TV shows that flopped disastrously with viewers. 

ABC's "When We Rise" an eight-hour drama miniseries depicting the "struggles" of LGBT activists in the "bad old days" when people actually had moral standards, was blatant in its characterization of gay activists as heroic idealists and the public as low-browed homophobes. 

Well, it seems like Joe Public didn't like being insulted, with the result that the show, screened on four consecutive nights, tanked and created a massive hole in ABC's ratings, despite saturation ad coverage during Oscar week, ahead of its premiere earlier this week.

Part one flopped on Monday, leading ABC to reschedule its popular "Modern Family" show (8-10 million viewers) to run just before the second installment of gay propaganda in order to boost ratings. 

Guess what? That didn't work either, and the show lost another million viewers, down to 2 million—on prime time Wednesday!!!

The Left is now trying to claim that the show was "just not done right" rather than admit that the vast majority of people are just sick and tired of having the gay agenda constantly pushed at them by Hollywood and the Big Media. 

This argument is like Leftists who claim "Communism never failed" because "true Communism" has never really been tried.

Trannie "Doubt" star gets
TIME cover. WHY?
The fact is any gay-themed TV series is now poison for viewers. "When We Rise" is just one of several notable failures. USA's gay-murder mystery "Eyewitness" was canceled due to lack of interest, while CBS’s "Doubt"—with an actual trannie playing the trannie lead role—fell like a lead balloon and was scratched after just two shows.

This is starting to look like a pattern of "peak collapse," where a sharp rise in something—overtly gay TV programming in this case—leads to its sudden collapse. 

The big secret that gays should realize is that tolerance for their, ahem, "lifestyle" is pretty much conditional on not having it shoved in the public's face all the time. The message from the American public seems to be: "Closets are there for a reason. Use them."
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  1. According to Dante, the Usurer and the Sodomite will end up in the seventh circle of Hell, generally speaking the former has funded the latter's rise to fame in the modern world.

    1. Usurers are in the eighth circle.

  2. The alt-right is, in part, a reaction to the extremities and saturation of the gay rights movement. Even gay marriage was grudgingly tolerated by some conservatives, but it didn't stop there. As the article says, we are saturated with this propaganda daily - literally daily. Now while Rome is burning we're having an international debate on which toilet to use and whether a woman can legally marry a dolphin. Who says the West is decadent?

  3. The Left and enemy have spent decades telling everyone homosexuals were not crazy freaks. And now, we all see they were lying again. They are crazy freaks. Why exactly should you tolerate crazy unhealthy behavior by lunatics? I keep forgetting or maybe I just never cared at all. You can see why now can't you?

  4. Straights have had a bellyful of sodomites crammed down their throats by semites.

  5. The left pushes everything bad and freaky and calls it good. They are the ones predicted in the Bible who say 'that which is evil they call good; and that which is good,...they call evil". The left is evil They are pure evil. When you get a chance look up the numbers of people literally murdered by leftist governments all over the world in the last 70 years. No one, not even Hitler can touch them in senseless killings. Look at the face of Hillary when she is spouting her crap. Look at the face of Schumer. Look at the face of the people marching for them in the streets. YOu can see the evil in that movement. Many leftist women march to kill their own babies. Nothing is sacred to them except their wants and the party. Most gays are part of the left. The sicker the mind the more the left embraces them. The prominence of gays in a society is a measure of how far off the rails they have slipped. Gays promote a lassez-faire image and a harmless, girly man persona. They are very dangerous and can get violent if someone tells them they are wrong. It is a good sign that Americans are getting sick of gays and their life-styles. It means that we may have a chance of pulling things together...a slim chance.

  6. The Left and enemy have spent decades telling everyone homosexuals were not crazy freaks. And now, we all see they were lying again. They are crazy freaks

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