The Orthodox Church outside Russia has called on the Russian government to get rid of the ghoulish corpse of Commie leader Vlad Lenin that is kept in a creepy mausoleum in Red Square next to the Kremlin.

The call came in a letter by Metropolitan Hilarion of Eastern America and New York that was circulated and read to all parishes of the Russian Orthodox Church outside Russia on March 12th.

In it, Metropolitan Hilarion recalled the evil tragedy of the Russian Revolution that happened 100 years ago this year:
"We remember now the hundredth anniversary of the bloody and destructive revolution in Russia. As a result of the betrayal of the government and military leadership, the Tsar was forced to abdicate the throne, which led to unavoidable consequences: the demise of the state, the martyric death of the Tsar himself and of his Most August Family, the brutal internecine war, and the unprecedented persecution of the Orthodox Church and of faith in God in Russia."
Up to 30 million Russian citizens are thought to have died at the hands of the Communists. The letter then called directly for the removal of Lenin's vile carcass in the name of the Lord:

“A symbol of reconciliation of the Russian nation with the Lord would be to rid Red Square of the remains of the main persecutor and executioner of the 20th century, and the destruction of monuments to him. They are all symbols of catastrophe, tragedy, and of the destruction of our God-given Sovereignty. The same applies to the cities, oblasts and streets which are deprived of their original historic names.”
Removing Lenin's corpse from public display and obliterating other symbols of Soviet tyranny is sometimes discussed in Russia, but remains a controversial issue, as it could lead to a tsunami of political revisionism that could prove disruptive.

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  1. Good Work! Good Man Metropolitan Hillarion! Long Live ROCOR!