It's a well known fact that the West is so spiritually vacuous that White women can't "get in touch with the Cosmos" or "find their true selves" in its stifling embrace. Instead they need to get nose piercings and tattoos, braid their hair, wear beads, and set out on the hippie trail to the beaches of Goa, or some other exotic Third World locale, to find "spiritual contentment."

As most of these exotic locales lie in Third World countries where native men view such women as "easy pickings," the costs of this vital "spiritual journey" can be high, and may even cost some unfortunate women their lives. But when all is said and done, what is more important -- to reach ultimate spiritual nirvana or to not be raped and murdered? Only a crass materialist would answer the latter.

So, it with more happiness than sadness that we can report that the latest British female backpacker to be murdered on the Third World Hippie Trail appears to have finally "found herself" and attained "great spiritual contentment" shortly before being apparently gang-raped and smashed to death with a beer bottle in the face -- a sad circumstance, but clearly not as sad as living out a soulless zombie existence in the affluent and safe West.

The woman is question was 28-year-old Danielle McLaughlin, whose body was found naked and battered in a field in southern Goa on Tuesday morning last week (14th March), after an apparent gang-rape and murder. 

The cause of death was strangulation and injuries to the head. Several men have been arrested in connection with the case. One witness, a local farmer said the area where the body was found was littered with empty crisp packets and empty bottles of Kingfisher beer. He also said there was evidence of urine and feaces nearby, which police officers took away for testing.

The good news is she might be reincarnated as an ethnic.
But while the conventional media focus on the salacious details of a tragic murder-rape, very few journalists are emphasising the "true spiritual contentment" that Irish-born McLaughlin appears to have found in the days and months before her death, thanks to her exposure to the rich spiritual legacy of non-Whites.

The degree of McLaughlin's spiritual happiness can be gauged not only from her appearance -- nose ring, face painting, and tie-dyed ethnic fabrics -- but also from the fact that she had a philosophical tattoo that read "Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery," and Facebook friends that said she "added happiness" to the world. 

She was also clearly conversant with the deep spiritual traditions of India, having timed her recent journey to Goa to coincide with the sacred Holi Festival, when "spiritual refugees" from the West can paint their faces and get hammered on drugs and booze, while finally having their "inner goddesses" appreciated by native men.

Danielle, with her confident tomboyish name, was clearly the life and soul of the party and saw dance as the perfect spiritual medium to get in touch with her primal self and the rich vibrant world around her, as one fellow "seeker" Angela (aged 33) remembers.
"I saw her here and she looked so happy. I noticed she was with three or four Indian men. They were glued to her. It was strange as it was a party for ex-pats but there were these men here. I wanted to ask her what they were doing with her as I could hear her Irish accent. She had two men on each side of her and one in front covering her. But she kept dancing on the floor looking like she didn't have a care in the world."
Yes, "not a care in the word" -- the true sign of the spiritual devotee finally reaching the long-sought-after state of spiritual bliss.

She may then have been taken to a shit-smeared field and gang-banged to death by crisp-eating Indians, but it is clear from all the evidence that this was a woman finally at one with the cosmos. 

Other British backpacking women may not have been so lucky. For example, there is scanty evidence that Scarlett Keeling and Sarah Groves, also murdered in India, had achieved such a state of cosmic nirvana before their untimely deaths.

In 2008, 15-year-old schoolgirl Scarlett Keeling, who had a lip piercing and some face paint, was found bruised and semi-naked in shallow water in Anjuna, 70 miles away from the spot where McLaughlin was killed. Then in 2010, 34-year-old Denyse Sweeney from Edinburgh, who only appears to have had earrrings and no tattoos,  died mysteriously in the same town. 

According to the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, 58 British nationals have died in Goa between 2010 and 2014, in what are described as "unknown" circumstances, while seven foreigners, including four women, have been murdered in Goa between 2013 and February 2016, according to a local paper.
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  1. Excellent article. Wonder who wrote it?

  2. The author sounds like a great racist bigot dumb son of a bitch.

    1. Why? For stating a fact...although I would never go to a shithole like India.

    2. That's weird, because that's exactly what you sound like too! Maybe you are brothers?

    3. That's weird, because that's exactly what you sound like too! Maybe you're brothers?

    4. Hey ANONYMOUS 22 MARCH Bigot, bigot, bigot!.... I've got it - you're a toad!

    5. Trump for President 2020.29 March 2017 at 08:47

      Anonymous sounds like another CUCKED, ill lunatic who can't deal in reality. You actually think all cultures are equal? Go take a walk in Detroit at midnight to find out for yourself.The woman died because she was another brainwashed, left wing white woman. Certainly did not deserve to die in this fashion but for sure she was a victim to all cultures are equal lunacy..

    6. Indians get so triggered when you point out that their country is a shit covered rapefest

  3. I do not say in any way that they deserve what happens to them, but they are extremely stupid to believe that they will be protected from rapists and murderers especially in isolated places or countries where the rape and murder rate on women is high. There are men everywhere that murder and rape and some cultures condone it. The victims are mostly naive young women. There are parts of my town where I do not wander alone at night, I would certainly not wander aimlessly around in an undeveloped country, and I am a strong male.

  4. Funny thing is, the Jews love us obsessing on race. You obviously see this as a "Jew" hate crime"?