It has now been confirmed that four people have died so far in the terrorist attack in Westminster, London.

The terrorist can be seen above getting medical treatment after being shot by police, such is the perverse society in which we live. He has at least since died in hospital. 

We can reveal the attacker, whose identity has still not been confirmed, drove into a group of French schoolchildren, hitting three. Of the four people he has killed, one is the police officer he repeatedly stabbed.

An MP attempted to give the officer the kiss of life, but British politicians are sadly incapable of breathing life into anything they touch. Ironically, it appears to be the Foreign Minister, Tobias Ellwood who gave the "kiss of death." Media cronies have described him as a 'hero'.

We are reminded again of Pakistani Muslim Mayor of London, Sadiq Khan's proud words that terror attacks are 'part and parcel of living in a big city.' He must be rubbing his hands.
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  1. or you could recognise its the 500th false flag of the year, duh!