After administrators at Auburn University pulled the plug last week on a prearranged speaking arrangement by Alt-Right leader Richard Spencer, an activist judge has intervened and essentially forced the University to hold the meeting.

The legal move follows an injunction filed Monday in Montgomery County by Spencer's friend Sam Dickson. Speaking earlier to The Plainsman, the Auburn University student news site, Spencer said:
"An injunction has been filed. We feel the law is on our side. I think it's very clear. The Supreme Court has been unequivocal in terms of supporting people in situations like ours."
Even without the injunction, Spencer was planning to "invade" the University campus anyway to promote free speech and confront any antifa trying to violently impose cultural Marxist tyranny and bad hygiene. But having a judge reverse the University's Orwellian decision is even better and sets a useful legal precedent in a country that supposedly prides itself on a tradition of free speech.

Watch the livestream here:

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