All the proof you need that democracy is shit.

Looks like 2017 is going to be a bumper year for elections. We've already had a Dutch one (disappointing), and French and German elections have long been on the schedule for this year. 

Now the UK is jumping on the band wagon, with Prime Minister Theresa May calling a snap general election for June 8th in order to bolster her wafer thin majority in the UK parliament.

OK, some elections might go the right way, and some of them might lead to Armageddon, but they all have the same thing in common: namely a lot of sub-intelligent, easily brainwashed people, who know f**k all about economics, geopolitics, and how their countries actually work, deciding which set of glib morons, with short time horizons and dubious connections, will be selected to temporarily rule over them. 

True democracy is when the informed and educated elites share the same identity as the "demos" (the mass of the people), and look out for their best, long-term interests by not allowing them too direct a say in the political process. Read Aristotle for more information.

Compared to this, a voting democracy, in which glib, short-termist politicians in cahoots with globalist interests and their controlled media, attempt to score cheap points off each other to appeal to the masses, is a form of Russian roulette. 

As we saw with Brexit and Trump, the average semi-aware voter can sometimes stumble in the right direction. But the beast with a million heads can just as easily stampede in the wrong direction, which is how the German election appears to be shaping up, with Merkel on track to be reelected Chancellor...FFS!!!!

In the case of the UK, Prime Minister May is almost certainly guaranteed a landslide victory, because all the other political parties are in disarray. Her party has a 22-point lead in the opinion polls over its nearest rival the Labour Party. 

An increased majority will help steady the ship of state as it navigates the Brexit rapids over the next few years. But a Tory government that is attempting to make the UK into a deracinated, money-mad global version of what London now is vis-a-vis the rest of the UK is clearly not in the long-term interests of the demos of the country. 

The problem with any voting democracy is that the fools casting the ballots don't know enough to vote in their own best interests, so only luck can save them. This is why "Russian roulette" is the best metaphor for our Western democracies. The best anyone can hope for in cases like this is that the chamber of the pistol is empty this time. Luckily, in the case of May's June election, this appears to be so.

Blue = Tories/ Red = Labour/ Purple = UKIP/ Orange = Lib Dems

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  1. Western democracy today is a case of "follow the money". In other words, the entities or individual(s) whom contribute the biggest financial contributions to the political parties have the final say in how & where policy goes.
    Until that problem is resolved. This crap will keep on keeping on...