Spencer taunts the antifa by calling them smelly trustfunders.
Richard Spencer has been getting high on his own adrenaline again, taking to the streets to confront antifa thugs and demonstrate against Trump's recent foreign policy. 

In a small demonstration, organized at short notice, Spencer and Mike Enoch of TRS gathered around 40 Alt-Righters in central Washington to chant "Walls Not Wars" in response to Trump's recent reversal on foreign policy towards a more apparently interventionist Neocon position, a move that saw the President order missile strikes against a Syrian air base. 

The demonstration was opposed by a counter-demonstration of antifa, who are typically middle to upper class beta males who deal with their psychological issues by LARPing as "class warriors."

During the stand-off Washington police kept the two sides apart, but there was some contact when some antifa launched an attack on Spencer, using a mysterious "glittery" amber powder that may have included a chemical of some kind.

Stung by his gibes, the Antifa unleash a possibly toxic powder in Spencer's general direction.
After this cowardly "chemical" attack on innocent demonstrators, the question has to be asked has the antifa crossed a red line? Should President Trump act and order missile strikes on their homes -- or could this perhaps create a serious hygiene "breakout" issue? But to not act now will only send a signal of weakness to America's many enemies and let ISIS win.
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