A shop owner in Melbourne, Australia, has upset people by placing a sign in his window banning dogs. 

The sign, which also bans 14-to-18-year-old Blacks because they "always steal," sparked outrage among dog lovers, as dogs never steal and are well-behaved and lovable pets. In fact, dogs are known to be an effective deterrent against crime. 

People on social media denounced the sign, asking why dogs had been included in the sign, because, unlike the other group targeted, they seldom arrive in large feral groups and intimidate the owner, while other members of the gang fill their pockets. 

The shop's owner admitted that he unfairly included dogs in the ban, saying that he put up the sign as a reaction to a shoplifting incident that did not involve any actual dogs and only involved 14-to-18-year-old Black youths. 

Speaking to 7 News, the unnamed shop owner shared CCTV footage of eight black teenagers entering his shop, intimidating him and stealing goods, one of 20 similar incidents in the past two years.

"I was so angry so I went and made that sign and hung it up, a few hours later I thought about it and took it down," he told the newspaper.

Perhaps instead of banning dogs, he should get one or two to help keep the gangs of thieves at bay!

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  1. They should allow doggos and ban Jews instead.