A Black Woman is being touted at the next Dr Who.

To those who have followed the world's longest running Sci-Fi TV series, peak "Dr. Who" was the legendary bubble-haired Tom Baker with his manic leer and ridiculous scarf, the perfect picture of British scientific eccentricism. Since that golden age (1974-81), Dr. Who has limped on, with actors of various talents coming along to play the role. 

It has sometimes had interesting story-lines but it has more often been hamstrung by the appalling political correctness of the BBC, but the core idea of the time-travelling gender-and-race appropriate scientist (i.e. a White man) has remained intact. 

Peak performance Doctor.
Now it looks like the BBC is set to double down on its increasingly fanatical political correctness by replacing Peter Capaldi, who now plays the Doctor, with a PC double-box-ticking Black woman. Yes, all in the name of diversity (aka less White males).

According to Nerdist, a source close to the production team has revealed that Black actress Michaela Coel will be the next Doctor: 
"A source is fairly firm that actress Michaela Coel will be the Thirteenth Doctor, though other sources say otherwise, and the BBC themselves have said officially that no casting for Series 11 has taken place. If that’s true, however, then Coel would not only be the first female Doctor, she would be the first black Doctor as well... Is Coel’s potential turn as the Doctor outside of the realm of possibility? Not at all! The last few seasons of Steven Moffat’s Doctor Who run have firmly established that Time Lords and Time Ladies can swap genders and races."
The floating of a candidate who differs from the role in terms of both gender and race may be a "negotiating technique" to get greater acceptance from the fan base if only one of these core aspects of identity is altered, as there are several other candidates in the running for the role, including Black actor Richard Ayoade and actress Tilda Swinton. 

Our prediction for the next Doctor.
ARN believes that the Michaela Coel story is a tactical rumour, leaked to serve as a stalking horse for Richard Ayoade, who we believe will be the next Doctor. Changing the Doctor's race and gender in one fell swoop would probably be too much for the fan base, so it is more likely that only one will be alterred, in which case race always trumps gender. 

We should not be surprised that the BBC is doubling down on Leftist Political Correctness, even while the rest of Britain is clearly swinging to the right. There is a clear precedent for this, as the chronic and toxic Leftism, so typical of the BBC, first became entrenched in the 1980s, during the Prime Ministership of Margaret Thatcher.

Now, with the Left in political disarray, we can expect to see something similar at the BBC. The time has obviously come to kill this pernicious and poisonous parasite on the public purse by any means necessary. 

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  1. This series should have died off long ago, same old concept over & over again with each episode, series or movie. How much longer can Sci-Fi concept from 1960s keep on going?
    Added to that with PC lefty BS going so far now with 13th iteration of the Dr. This series needs to die!