Trump trolled us pretty well with his meaningless missile attack on Syria a couple of weeks ago. Most of the Alt-Right immediately assumed this meant a massive Neocon invasion of Syria so that Israel could extend its frontiers to the Euphrates, and accordingly went into meltdown mode. 

But Trump was just kidding.

Then we got trolled pretty hard when he said he was sending the US fleet to North Korea, implying that he was going to blow the hell out of Kim Jong Un, the World's leading NEET and therefore the World's most "implicitly Alt-Right" leader. 

But that didn't happen either. In fact the fleet was heading in the opposite direction towards the Indian Ocean.

Now the entire Alt-Right is losing its shit again after Trump made some vague but disturbing comments about the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program (DACA), which covers around 750,000 illegal immigrants, who can prove that they entered America while still children. (These illegal immigrants are often referred to as DREAMers for some stupid boring reason.) 

In a one-hour interview with Associated Press, Trump spoke at length about his plans to increase immigration enforcement throughout the country and reiterated his pledge to extend the border wall along the southern border, but also implied he would go easy on those covered by Obama's DACA program.
"This is a case of heart," he said before pointing out that his administration is "not after the DREAmers, we are after the criminals."
One way to interpret Trump's nebulous comments is that he is prioritizing the deportation of illegal immigrants guilty of other criminal activities over law-abiding DREAMers, while also trying not to sound too harsh.

These comments hardly bind him to a firm commitment to allow all DREAMers to stay in the country forever, and could quite easily be backtracked on later as circumstances require. 

But despite this, the Alt-Right has decided that Trump has definitely, totally, absolutely, and irrevocably betrayed them again, chomping hard on the black pills just as they did when he bombed an empty aerodrome in Syria. 

My advice is to wait and see. A President has to manage his wider image and face in many directions at once, while sending out a variety of conflicting signals to different audiences, etc. 

Making cooing noises about DREAMers, while talking tough on illegal immigration in general, will probably lessen resistance to the operations currently under way. In short, it could be a way of managing and manipulating his opponents. 

If Trump really is cucking on his election promises on immigration, then that will become crystal clear before too long. That will then be the time to break ranks with Trump and to meme him out of existence as we memed him into existence.

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