Rosealma showing off her famous hairy monster.
It's pretty obvious to anyone watching the now famous video of Identity Europa founder Nathan Damigo punching thot antifam girl Louise Rosealma that he is pulling his single solitary punch, and trying really really hard not to step on her as she crumples beneath him. Really, the guy is a gentleman.

It's also obvious that Rosealma is relatively undamaged by her "ordeal," which consisted of little more than being gently knocked down by a man of a similar height and weight as herself and then left alone. 

If she had been attacked with the kind of viciousness that Antifam routinely dish out to anyone weaker than them, she would probably be scarred for life, dead, or on a drip feed. The Alt-Right, however, is a chivalrous movement, even when the female in question is a dread-haired, sasquatched crotched failed amateur porn star who was seeking a bit of ultra violence herself. 

Now Rosealma (nicknamed "Sascrotch" and "Moldy Locks") is basking in her 15-minutes of fame, cheerfully telling reporters how she "survived" the supposedly "horrific attack" on her while also pretending that she was so seriously hurt that she needs money for medical bills. Yeh, "medical marijuana" bills!

Several donation drives are being carried out in her name, aimed at Leftist and antifa beta orbiters and white knights. One GoFundMe page claims that she will need to build an entire new life. Actually, as a failed amateur porn star living in an RV she obviously needed to do that anyway.

But throwing money at these people never helps. In fact I couldn't think of a better way to speed up Ms Rosealma's descent into self-destruction than by donating money to her. You'd probably be investing in her next overdose or the porn-snuff movie that will be her swan song.

But, luckily for her, some of these spontaneous fund-raising efforts aimed at exploiting leftist betahood are troll accounts and the money raised will go straight into the pockets of the Alt-Right. LOL.

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  2. She encourages the use of weapons.