Danger! Danger!
One of the favourite dirty tricks of the globalist establishment is to attack those who oppose it by getting then into sexually compromising situations.

This tactic appears to been employed recently against ex-UKIP leader and Trump adviser Nigel Farage, who, it appears was the subject of a honeytrap operation on a recent transatlantic flight. 

Farage found himself sitting adjacent to Valerie Fox, aged 30, an "ex"-porn star and glamour model. According to Fox there was some interaction between the two, including kissing. She then lured Farage back to her flat by soliciting a lift from him, but then Farage became aware of what was going on and backed out. As reported by The Sun newspaper, which may be behind the operation:
Porn star, Valerie Fox, 30 has told how Nigel Farage snogged and groped her in a champagne-fuelled romp on a jumbo jet flying at 30,000 feet. She told a friend: “He had absolutely no qualms about anyone else seeing us together. Our hands were everywhere.” The porn actress revealed they got so carried away while snogging on board the jumbo jet that they were ready to join the Mile High Club. But she said they decided against romping together in the packed plane’s toilet because they feared  being found out by patrolling cabin crew. Valerie, who has appeared in ­dozens of hard-core movies, told a friend: “Nigel may be best known for getting the UK out of Europe, but he seemed much keener on getting himself into my knickers.”
Farage has denied the claims and insisted that it was a "set up." This is undoubtedly the case, although Fox claims there is evidence that Farage gave her a lift home and even briefly entered her flat, where, it seems, he realized what was going on and backed out. The only question remains who was behind the set-up? There seem three possibilities:

  • an aging porn star keen to ramp up her fading career
  • a newspaper sting operation to boost sales
  • a plot by intelligence services in the US or UK to discredit the anti-globalist icon

My money is on the third one. 

As a 52-year-old midlife crisis male separated from his wife, Farage is considered a prime target for this kind of honeyterap operation.

If the globalists are prepared to use this kind of tactic against Farage, who is merely a mild-mannered civic nationalist and no real threat to their system, what wouldn't they do to discredit a genuine Alt-Righter? 

Luckily, for various reasons which I don't need to go into here, most of the leadership of the Alt-Right is immune to unsolicited sexual attentions from 3D sexy blondes, but the globalist establishment does not know this and may certainly try similar tactics against us. I warn you all to be on your guard. The globalist establishment takes no prisoners and fights dirty. Are you ready for what they will throw at you? I know I am.

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