The French are now locked in their two stage Presidential Election, with the first round throwing up two stark choices for the second round, which will be held in two weeks time. 

We have Emmanuel Macron, a rootless Cosmopolitan Europhile and globalist of questionable moral character, versus a true heroine of France, Marine Le Pen, a woman and a mother who believes in the simple, common sense notion of keeping France as French as it can be kept in these manic times.

The big money is all on Macron, but there is still a hope that Le Pen can pull off a Trumpian or Brexitian victory against the odds, especially if terrorism or turnout works in her favour. The Front National support is much more committed and hardcore so a low turnout would swing things to Le Pen. 

She has also worked hard to undermine the solidity of the anti-Front National bloc that crushed her father Jean-Marie Le Pen when he made it into the final round of the Presidential election in 2002.

But an interesting pattern emerges in this election, as in all French elections. The Left does well in those areas that have not been overly "enriched" by migrant invasion, while the civic nationalist Front National does well in those areas that have been, as long as the "enrichening" has not pushed French people into minority status, as has happened in parts of Paris and the South of France. 

The map on the left shows how the Presidential candidates did in the first round by region, while the map on the right shows the percentage of immigrants (unfortunately this map is about 8 years old, but the patterns are generally the same although the percentages are no doubt larger).

The areas where Macron is doing best are the regions in the West of France, where Third World colonization is still in its initial stages; while the areas where Le Pen is doing well have enough migrants to wake French voters up to the dangers, but not enough to swamp and outvote them -- the inevitable final stage unless Le Pen is elected. French elections are thus a battle between the "woke" and the still "sleepvoting."

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