Seriously, ladies, if you want to hook up with guys like this you'll have to support the Alt-Right.
With the French election only days away, France's most famous actor Alain Delon has come out for Marine Le Pen's Front National.

In an interview published in a Swiss newspaper on Wednesday (12th April), Delon who made his name in the 1960s with his dashing good looks, described the National Front’s growth as "uplifting" and said that he "approves" of the party’s progress.
“The National Front, like the MCG [Geneva Citizens’ Movement] in Geneva, is very important...I encourage it and I perfectly understand it,” Delon told the Swiss daily Le Matin. "For years, the Le Pen father and daughter team have been fighting, but they’ve been fighting a lonely battle. Now, for the first time, they are no longer alone. They have the French people...And that it’s reaching Geneva, that’s incredibly important. They’re fed up there too."
Since 1999, Delon has been a Swiss citizen and resides near Geneva. 

Being right wing helps
you to age gracefully.
Although now 81, Delon still retains his good looks, so his declaration of support for the Front National fits in very well with the findings of a recent study that found better looking people tend to be right wing. 

Brigette Bardot is another French movie legend who supports the Front National. In 2014 she said in an interview that Le Pen was "the Joan of Arc of the 21st century."

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