A worried Macron eyes the factory exit.
Establishment candidate Emmanuel Macron spent an hour trying to appease angry workers in northern France on Wednesday (26th April), and was then forced to retreat to jeers, catcalls, and chants of "Marine President." More surprisingly the factory was in his home town of Amiens. 

This one incident shows the mood of the French working class voters, who are enraged with the creeping globalism and White genocide policies of the old establishment parties, and are ready to rise in rebellion by voting for Le Pen in the second-round of the French Presidential Election on May 7th, despite a massive media gaslighting campaign by the establishment to talk up Macron at every opportunity and talk down Le Pen's chances of winning. 

Those chances by the way must be pretty high after Alt-Right "gnostic and seer," Colin Liddell predicted her victory in the 2nd round run-off against Macron. Liddell was also spot on the money with his predictions for Brexit and Trump's election victory. 

At the factory Macron visited, 295 jobs are immediately threatened by "outsourcing" to Poland. This is "just another day at the office" in the globalist shill state of the EU, an anti-democratic organization designed to ride roughshod over the wishes and interests of the people and serve the sick agendas of bankers and big business. 

Hours earlier Marine Le Pen had visited the factory, which makes the Whirlpool washing-machine, and had been greeted by cheers of welcome and a scrum of workers vying to have their pictures taken with the woman, who is seen by many as a potential saviour of France.   

"In Amiens where I went to meet and support the workers at Whirlpool. With me, their factory won't close!" she tweeted. 

In recent days, Le Pen has been running rings around the nerdish Macron, who is married to his former schoolteacher, 25 years his senior, and is rumored to be gay. 

While ex-Rothschild employee Macron has been huddled in "strategy meetings" with bankers and corrupt politicians over June legislative elections, Le Pen has been making countless public meetings, driving home an uncompromising message of anti-globalism and strong French identity, criticizing Macron's desire for "total deregulation, total opening up, total free trade."

All that is missing is a guillotine for all the traitors who have betrayed France over the years.

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  1. Thank you for letting us know about what is happening in france, always look for blogs from where I can get news/happenings across the globe.

  2. Typical Left Wing Queer. He should have been lynched with a bottle of ketchup up his ass. France is waking up to this Skype World Order run by the Roths. They will be lynched. All of them. They deserve it.