The pussy hat is revealed to be a post-menopausal substitute device.
While the Alt-Right is made up of all the cool kids, it seems that the SJW movement is overwhelmingly composed of the elder female demographic. 

This is according to a poll conducted by Lake Research Partners of the users of Daily Action, an SJW hub that texts users every day with suggested political actions (Now there's a target for hacking!)

The poll covered 28,000 users of the hub and found that 86% were women and 60% were over the age of 46. This means that 52% of all Daily Action users were women over 46 (code for post-menopausal women). 

This is significant because the menopause has a definite psychological impact on most women, and these characteristics correlate very closely with the characteristics of Leftism. 

According to the highly respected Jean Hailes For Women's Health website the menopause and post-menopause can make women extremely emotionally unstable and project their feelings in inappropriate ways:
"Emotions can swing from joy one moment to anger and irritability the next moment. Sometimes you may think you are feeling one thing when really it is a mask for another feeling. For example you may think you are angry when really you are sad about something. Often it is easier, or more acceptable, to display one emotion rather than the emotion you are really feeling."
Those words no doubt cut to the bone with a lot of SJWs.

The number one issue for women polled was healthcare, with 38% saying it was their top concern. Climate change was number two, and the right to kill unborn human fetuses came in third. 

It also appears that many of them had been brainwashed by the incessant fake news narrative of ties between Trump and Russia, with 29% of women citing this as their main concern about the Trump administration, second only to their fear of Steve Bannon, which polled at 53%.

While this is only one poll, Daniel Gotoff, the head of Lake Research’s New York office, said that he felt sure the poll was an accurate representation of the activists overall. This means that Leftist activism is basically a pussy-hatted collection of women whose pussies are no longer sexually functional.

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