Shia LaBeouf: shit name, crap actor.
Shia LaBeouf is probably the least talented actor to be almost a household name. Over the years his acting has been described as "wooden," "autistic," "leaden," and "disjointed." 

The fact that he remains famous is mainly down to a few lucky breaks and the fact that his activities off-screen have kept him in the public eye, most notably his "art installation" entitled "He Will Not Divide Us," which is a whole saga in itself.

As for his acting, now that he has lost his boyish good looks, it is only a matter of time before he is filtered out of the talent pool and dumped in the wasteland of failed and forgotten actors. Yes, Shia LaBeouf won't be dividing us from our ticket money for very much longer.

A clear sign that he is completely washed up as an actor was the UK reaction to his war trauma thriller Man Down. According to ComScore, a major media measurement and analytics company, the film grossed just £7 (about $9) on its "opening weekend" recently, which means he sold a singe ticket. After deductions that's about enough to buy a single handful of popcorn.
Poor Shia,” said Dergarabedian,  senior media analyst at ComScore. “That opening could be in the Guinness World Records or something.”
The single ticket was sold at the Reel Cinema in Burnley in Northern England.

When the film was screened at the Venice and Toronto film festivals, it received uniformly negative reviews, but managed to gross $454,490 in the States, where there appears to be a small, captive audience for anything in military fatigues, no matter how dismal.

The UK Daily Telegraph described the movie as an "incoherent, deranged PTSD drama [that] is an insult to the intelligence," going on to blame everyone working on the project, including LaBeouf:
To say that the new film throws its star under a bus wouldn’t be entirely fair: it’s more a case of the whole bus tipping off a cliff...The movie is fragmented enough from the word go, but plummets from such an insane height at the end that you want to rewind and hand everyone involved a personalised black-box recorder."
LaBeouf has been in the news because of his battle with 4Channers and the Alt-Right over his brain-dead "He Will Not Divide Us" 'art' installation, which has been subjected to troll attacks. If he really wants to protect it from these attacks, he should relocate it to one of the few cinemas showing his increasingly crappy films.

Is there any acting going on here? Maybe trace elements, nothing more.

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