Really, people, stop it or I'm going to lose it. I am sick and tired of racists and haters saying the hordes of migrants that Angela Merkel let flood into Europe have done nothing to enrich those societies. 

That is simply not the case. 

Migrants are among the most inventive people on the planet. They have to be to survive the terrible White racism that is hurled at them day-in-day-out.

Take the latest case from Germany, where a plucky refugee from Ghana "paid back" into German society by inventing an entirely new form of cuck porn to thank his German hosts for their hospitality. 

Normal cuck porn is usually a grotty 2D film featuring drugged actors, two of whom only pretend to be married so that a third actor can come between them and bang the chick. Needless to say the results are extremely fake and disappointing. 

But not this time, thanks to some brilliant work by the innovative 31-year-old migrant in question. 

He made his brilliant breakthrough while wandering around a nature reserve in the German countryside and improvising, the true mark of a genius. 

Instead of using actors in a seedy motel room and deadening the effect by transferring it all onto heavily edited film, he went for a more authentic and flowing feel, using an actual German couple in a genuine relationship.

As reported by the English Daily Mail, whose writers are seemingly oblivious of the innovation that took place:
"The young couple were on a camping trip in the Siegaue Nature Reserve, north of the former German capital of Bonn, when they were approached by [the migrant porn impresario] on Sunday last week. The boyfriend was forced to watch as [the migrant] violated his 23-year-old lover."
As part of this extremely authentic "cuck porn" experience, the migrant dragged the young woman from her tent, while threatening her 26-year-old boyfriend with a machete and "forcing him to watch" as he ravished her.  

Even though this was in Germany, whose inhabitants are world renowned consumers of cuckoldry, some narrow-minded bigots, unfamiliar with the cuck porn genre or the innovations introduced by the Ghanaian, mistook the incident for a "rape" and called the police. Hopefully Germany's large and influential porn industry will now rally round and seek the man's release.

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