Narrow-minded racists and bigots usually make the charge that Muslim migrants do nothing to enrich the Western societies they come to. This is opposite to the facts, as Muslims in the West are among the most inventive and creative people in the World. They need to be to survive all the White racism thrown at them.

This was proved yet again by a 39-year-old Uzbek man in Sweden who has apparently invented a new method of creating instant hamburger meat, using nothing more than a simple truck driven at high speed into a crowd of pedestrians. 

The fact that the meat involved just happened to be human is a mere detail that is being unfairly focused on by the racist and Islamophobic media to detract from this amazing breakthrough in the science of instant meat processing.

Like other great discoveries -- one thinks of Columbus discovering America while on the hunt for India or Alexander Fleming stumbling upon penicillin while inspecting some mold -- the inventive Uzbek chanced upon his discovery when he was in the middle of doing something completely different, namely a run-of-the-mill jihadist terror attack that we have been taught to regard by the wise mayor of London Sadiq Khan as "part and parcel of living in a big city."

During the attack, rather than simply killing his victims as he intended, our Muslim innovator succeeded in turning at least two of them into literal hamburger meat. Overall four were killed and 15 wounded in the incident that took place in downtown Stockholm.

These pictures are now being studied by the meat-processing industry. 
While the circumstances in which this daring new technique of slaughtering and instantly processing meat was discovered are less than ideal, the potential is clearly there to adapt it to animal slaughter and the processing of other kinds of passive and defenseless cattle. 

Not only would this provide an instant and humane method of killing and mincing animals but it would be in complete accord with both Western and halal methodologies, and thus serve as a means of ensuring the faster integration of Swedish society.
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