Imagine living in a country where issues like race realism, SJWs, LGBT and the (((question))) will draw blank reactions. 

Well, we on the Alt Right think we have found a country where extreme ironic behaviour is not required. Namely, Russia, the "Land of the Based," which has further burnished its credentials for based behaviour recently by releasing some guidelines to assist its citizens travelling overseas. The guidelines issued by the Russian Foreign Ministry give advice on how to behave and avoid potential conflicts, but show the enormous difference between Russia and the pozzed world that exists outside Russia.

For example Russians visiting Canada are offered the following advice:
"Canada, where same-sex marriage was long ago legalized and there is a serious ‘obsession’ with gender equality,  isn’t the best place for retelling ‘obscene male’ anecdotes and jokes about ‘the non-traditionals.’ In addition to public censure, in major metropolitan areas with compact ‘queer’ neighborhoods (in particular, Vancouver, Toronto, and Montreal), you risk penalties in the form of a fine or even felony charges for ‘hate crimes."
"It’s better to refrain from demonstrating emotions when dealing with members of the opposite sex, in order to avoid allegations of attempted sexual harassment (on university campuses, the institution of the ‘public moral police’ is widespread)."
On France:
"It’s necessary to avoid any behavior toward women that might be regarded as an act of ‘sexism.’ It’s also desirable not to react to representatives of the LGBT community, and not to address them with any offensive words or gestures."
And perhaps in an attempt to troll President Obama they select Kenya of all the African nations to illustrate the perils of travelling in Africa if you’re a based innocent abroad:
"Comparing a Kenyan to a monkey can cause the very strongest reaction, as can rudely questioning a Kenyan’s mental abilities (knocking yourself on the head, as a gesture during conversation, is considered an insult). If you poke a Kenyan with your finger during conversation, it can also instigate aggression from him."
And lastly the Ministry discusses Israel in terms that could have come straight from The Daily Shoah
"In general, the tolerance threshold for spoken obscenities in Israel is low. Here, you’ll often hear distorted Russian obscenities originally popular among Jewish immigrants to Palestine in the early 20th century. But foreigners are advised to avoid Yiddish colloquialisms (‘putz,’ “schmuck’) and similar Arabic expressions (‘kus ummak,’ ‘sharmuta’), It’s inadmissible to use the word ‘zhid’ [kike] when addressing any Jew, even if he doesn’t understand Russian. Visitors to this country should bear in mind Israelites’ extreme sensitivity to virtually any criticism of the state of Israel itself, as well as criticism of any aspects of life in Israel."
We on the Alt Right believe this is the kind of travel advice that would translate well to television and provide travellers with the kind of meaningful advice that is so lacking in popular travel shows and guides today.

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