Old New Orleans was designed for reasonably intelligent human beings, not the amoeba-like morons who now inhabit it.
There is no point having historical monuments if the people of a town are collectively too dumb and uneducated to understand the historical events to which they refer. In that case, they serve no useful function and merely constitute a danger to low-flying aircraft.

Now it seems the City of Orleans has reached this point, and has come out into the open about how totally brain-dead and uneducated its moronic population is, by deciding to dismantle several historical monuments referring to the only important series of historical events that have ever occurred there, namely the American Civil War. 

One of the "liberated" large landowners.
This famous conflict, between the North and the South, was fought to liberate the slave owners and large landowners from the day-to-day responsibility of looking after their "low agency" slaves, and to prepare the way for the even lower cost labour systems of the capitalist plantation economy and the illegal immigrant economy. 

The statues in question commemorate famous individuals from the period, including Confederate generals Robert E. Lee and P.G.T. Beauregard and the President of the Confederate States Jefferson Davis. Another monument commemorates the "Battle of Liberty Place," an insurrection by white citizens against the illgeal occupation government in the post-Civil-War period. 

But with a population that doesn't even know who won World War Two and which thinks Black Egyptians invented flying pyramids to explore the Universe, these monuments only serve to cause confusion to citizens as they wander aimlessly around looking for blunts and liquor stores.  

But the City, which is also known for failing schools and extremely low educational standards, is still not ready to admit the truth that it is an intellectual wasteland inhabited by morons and historical illiterates. In a statement, New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu said removing the statues was all about "diversity," even though removing the statues actually decreases historical diversity!

The current state of history education in New Orleans.
The mayor's office says the statues will first be placed in storage and later moved to other museums or other facilities, well away from the pea brains of New Orlean's low IQ residents, in case they have a brain stroke trying to read the dates on them, or possibly mistake them for "metal ghosts" come to steal their chicken nuggets, which could start a mass panic. 

Some citizens, including a small number with room temperature IQs and even some knowledge of history, have been deeply angered by the City's decision to remove the historical artifacts, and have reportedly made threats against contractors involved in removing the statues. Workers on the site of the first statue to be removed were wearing masks to cover their faces, and the name of the company they were working for was also blacked out.

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