Petry not a dish: Bigger hands than Donald Trump.
Readers of Alt-Right News may be wondering what is going on in Germany, after the country's answer to Marine Le Pen resigned from the leadership of the Alternative For Germany party (known by its German acronym AfD).

Frauke Petry, a boyish-looking mother of four who had led the party for the last two years, announced her resignation the other day, saying:
“It makes sense to consider and readjust your life from time to time. That’s the way I see it now after more than four years with the AfD, which has demanded an enormous amount of energy and forced me to wave goodbye to a normal life.”

Nice story, but this is about a lot more than Ms. Petry's private life -- for the record, she separated from her husband "Sven" shortly after becoming party leader. Instead the real story here is how cucked the entire German nation is, even down to its nationalist wing.

In the Alt-Right anybody who criticizes the Germans routinely gets a lot of stick from all the "Hitlerfag" Germanophiles who believe its all down to the Jews -- as if Germans have zero agency, LOL. But there definitely must be something extremely wrong at a fundamental level with a people who are on course to reelect Angela Merkel, after all that she has unleashed on Germany, in the shape of millions of young male Muslim "invaders" allowed in to roam freely around the country, committing outrages against its womenfolk, about which the less said the better.

You would think this would be a wake-up call for Germans and that the one party opposing this -- the AfD -- would be leading in the polls, but instead they are trailing way behind Merkel's Christian Democratic Union and the even more cuckish Social Democratic Party. One of the reasons is that the AfD itself has also done some major cucking. 

Back in January we reported on the speech by Björn Höcke, one of the leading members of the AfD, in which he called for the country to finally get over its self-destructive cult of Holocaust guilt. 

Speaking at an event in Dresden Höcke said: 
"Our mentality is still that of a totally defeated people. We Germans, our people, are the only people in the world who planted a monument of shame in the middle of our national capital."
But rather than receiving the full support of the AfD for these comments, party leader Petry attempted to kick him out of the party for being too radical. 

A case could be made that Petry was doing the "right thing" to reach out to the center by keeping the party's message "moderate," etc., but what is the whole point of a party like the AfD if it cannot stand for the consistent position outlined by Herr Höcke of a Germany no longer ashamed to be itself? In short, Petry's over-tactical approach created contradictions in the party that simply weakened it, accounting for its collapse in the polls.

For Germany to be strong, it needs a strong AfD. Petry's resignation is therefore good news, although the coating is bitter.

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