Clearly traumatized, Damigo defends himself againt IED-wielding antifa thug, Rosealma, aka "Sascrotch" (Reuters image).
Since the free speech demonstration at Berkerley UC the other day, which turned violent thanks to antifa, the mainstream media have been doing all they can to whip up sympathy for punched antifa girl Louise Rosealma (aka "Sascrotch," aka "Moldy Locks") while trying to demonize Nathan Damigo.

But the story might be about to take a new twist after it came out that not only was Damigo a former marine who served two tours of duty in Iraq but that "Sascrotch" -- so dubbed from having a crotch like Sasquatch -- was also throwing IEDs (improvised explosive devices) at free speech demonstrators. This was clearly proved by photographic evidence showing the rioting at Berkeley.

IEDs were, of course, used by Jihadists and Iraqi insurgents against US troops in Iraq, causing numerous deaths and injuries, while leaving many others with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). 

Indeed it would not be an exaggeration to say that practically all GIs serving in Iraq, including Damigo himself, suffered some degree of trauma from being involved in that unfortunate war. How then must it have felt for Damigo to face IEDs at a peaceful protest event in his home country?

Of course, the IEDs used by the Iraqis were generally on a larger scale, with many of them being designed to blow up Humvees and even armored personnel carriers, but the IEDs employed by antifa like Rosealma were also quite capable of causing serious injury and even death. These consisted of extremely large M80 firecrackers placed in empty wine bottles and then thrown into the crowd, potentially shattering the bottles in midair at eye height. 

IED: Bottle with M80 inside.
In several images recovered from the riot, Sascrocth, clearly identified by her moldy locks, is seen throwing these. While another image, apparently taken before the famous punch, shows Damigo himself tackling her as she attempts to throw her IEDs.

All this evidence allows Damigo to make an extremely strong case that the actions of Sascrotch and the paramilitary nature of Antifa operations against the peaceful free speech demonstrators triggered his PTSD. This would also allow him to make it a veterans issue and appeal directly to President Trump, who has frequently declared himself the champion of US veterans in the past.

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  1. There are videos on YouTube where these devices can be heard exploding.

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