Hussein K: Finally Germany and Greece have something in common.
Listen, everyone, if we're really nice to these migrants they'll be so grateful that they'll become model EU citizens. So, how is the plan working out? 

Great, actually, except there have been one or two bumps in the road. Just little ones, mind you. Nothing to worry about.

Take the case of Hussein K, a somewhat misunderstood young man from Afghanistan, who claims he is 17, although medical experts estimate his true age at between 22 and 27. (BTW, it's great to see that trans-agism is now the new frontier in civil rights.)

Back in 2013 when Hussein was 13 or 18-23, he was in Greece, where due to a cultural misunderstanding and the language barrier he ended up raping a Greek student on the isle of Corfu, and then throwing her off a cliff to her death. 

You would think that would be the end of the tragic story, with poor Hussein banged away for life. But no, he was only given a 10-year-sentence, because, according to his own testimony, he was just a crazy mixed up 13-year-old. 

Then some bright spark in the Greek government came up with the brilliant idea to save money by releasing murderers prematurely. Hussein only got to spend two-and-a-half years in Greek jail, getting out in October 2015 -- just when he was getting used to prison food!

But no problem because this was the middle of the migrant exodus to Germany. So not Greece's problem. 

The next we hear from Hussein K is that he has raped and murdered again, this time a nice young German girl, Maria Ladenburger, who likes to help out at the local refugee centre. Hussein didn't have a cliff to toss her off, so he made do with dumping her body in the river.

Gee, that sucks! But, lucky break for Hussein, the Germans decide to take him at his word and try him as a juvenile, meaning that the maximum he can get this time will only be 10 years again. (BTW isn't it great the way the EU has standardized everything so that every country is equally lenient to fake child murder-rapists? Talk about having your ducks in a row!

Also, who knows? With good behaviour, he could be back on the streets in a year or two. Honestly, don't tell me you would be in any way surprised by that. I know I wouldn't.

Since Europe is clearly having a hard time keeping dangerous migrants behind bars, let's just hope that all this leniency and kindness is finally making a good impression on Hussein and helping him adjust to his new life. Either that or it'll be somebody else's daughter dumped in a canal or stuffed down a drain in a few years.

One way they could get him would be to prosecute him for having an amateurish swastika tattoo on his left arm, as this picture shows:

Because in Germany that is literally a worse crime than raping and murdering a 19-year-old girl.

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