Coming to a college near you soon.

One of the main points to emerge from Richard Spencer's latest barnstorming speaking engagement at Auburn University is just how much he detests American Football, especially the variety played at Colleges. 

Among other things he told the packed auditorium that he wanted to ban the "sick and disgusting" sport, adding "if I could wave a magic wand, I would absolutely ban football!" 

Part of the reason is that College Football leads to the abuse of the sports sponsorship system and the admission of academically unsuitable ghetto thugs to many colleges, where they are accorded alpha male status and receive an unfair share of coed pussy.

But the main reason is that Spencer wishes to replace College Football with an exiting new sport that he has heavily invested in, called "team antifa-baiting." For this reason he is keen to talk down College Football at every given opportunity.  

The new sport, which is loosely based on the Battle of Thermopylae in 480 BC, involves teams of Alt-Righters, veterans, and Trump Redhats, armed with superior physical strength, American flags, and occasionally sticks, against hordes of black-clad SJWs and Antifa armed with bicycle locks, mace, M80s in wine bottles, and trash trolleys. 

With far less stoppages and body armour than College Football, this much more implicitly White sport is set to catch on and entirely replace the moribund sport of American football, at least until the supply of antifa run out. 

How can crappy College Football compete against this? It just isn't possible.

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