These pictures of the man suspected to be behind the St. Petersburg bomb attack have been released by Russian TV. The attack involved a nail bomb that exploded on the city's metro system and killed at least 12 people.

As you can see, he appears to be a Muslim, or is at least dressed like one.

St. Petersburg has a population of around 6 million people, with comparatively few Muslims compared to Moscow, where over a million are believed to live. This may have been a factor in choosing the city for attack, as an indiscriminate weapon, like the nail bomb used, would be less likely to kill Muslims in St. Petersburg. Another possible reason for choosing St. Petersburg is because President Putin is visiting the city. 

The attack could also be connected to Russia's Middle Eastern policy. In recent days, the Russian air force has been very active bombing Syrian rebels North of Hama as part of an offensive by forces loyal to President Assad.

The last serious terrorist attack in Russia occurred in December 2013, when two suicide bombers attacked Volgograd (formerly Stalingrad) in Southern Russia, killing 34 people. 

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