Sweden's migrant integration policy in action.
It's really hard staying on top of the European Cuck League, as there is so much competition these days. It's especially tough when your main rivals are the Germans who cuck the way that only a nation with a manic White guilt complex can cuck, and then come back after office hours and cuck some more. 

But if anyone can beat the Germans at cucking, then it's the mighty Swedes, whose tremendous cucking abilities still remain unexplained by science. 

The latest example of Swedish cucking is clearly designed to help them close the gap on their German rivals, as it was revealed that they had basically been letting a HIV positive Ethiopian migrant wander freely around, raping and infecting their children.

Rather than locking up Nahom Mengistu Yitayu, a migrant from Ethiopia registered with rampant AIDS before kicking him out of the country, as they should have done, the Swedes instead believed his made-up story about being 15 and sent him to school with their daughters, who, brainwashed by their Commie teachers to view migrants as the elite of the human race, promptly had underage sex with him. 

It is reported that since Spring last year, Yitayu exposed at least three Swedish girls, aged 13, 14, and one whose age was unspecified to his AIDS infected sperm through "unprotected sex," which means he could also have easily got them pregnant as well. 

Because of the age factor, these are being reported as "rapes" but in reality they are much worse than that because these three girls, young as they were, willingly consented to have sex with this African disease factory, as they have been programmed to do by Leftist brainwashing propaganda. 

Yitayu is being prosecuted because two of the sexual encounters happened after he turned 16 -- according to his cock and bull story -- and because Sweden still has a law stipulating that people with AIDS must inform their sexual partners/victims. Although, this being the cuck capital of the World, this law is now in the process of being scrapped as "discriminatory," after LGBT groups campaigned against it on the grounds that it stigmatized a disease that will actually kill you. 

F**k it, Sweden, are you kidding me?

It is also reported that Yitayu was so "low agency" that he was not even taking the expensive antiretroviral drugs provided at taxpayer's expense, with the result that he had an extremely high amount of the virus in his blood at the time, greatly increasing the risk of infecting his victims.

It is not known whether his victims were infected or impregnated. I guess because they are kids, they will try to keep that on the down low. Personally, I no longer care, as the sooner the Swedes die out through interbreeding, AIDs, or infertility the better for humanity as a whole, as I've simply had it with stories like this ruining my day. 

So, Sweden, thank you for the Abba records and the Igmar Bergman films. Now f**k off!

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  1. Before my retirement from the tattoo industry,I tattooed plenty Swedish females,they seem to go nuts for any non white male who enters the studio for body piercings