Memist reconstruction of the tragic incident.

After exacting "instant revenge" on probably the wrong people for a gassing incident with ship-launched cruise missiles the other day, US military forces were in action again on Saturday (8th of April), this time sinking a dangerous boatload of Syrian refugees, who were crossing the Euphrates River in an attempt to escape ISIS. 

A story very far down the news stack on ABC News reported information from an anti-ISIS activist group called Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently:
"Raqqa is Being Slaughtered Silently...said a boat carrying about 40 people was hit as it was crossing the Euphrates River in Raqqa province. It said the bodies of a woman and her six children were recovered, while the others are still missing. The Sound and Picture group, which tracks killings and other abuses in IS-held territory, reported the same casualty estimates."
The attack was carried out on Saturday by US or allied aircraft upriver from Raqqah the capital city of the ISIS Caliphate, which is under growing attack from the US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces. 

Unfortunately no camera crews were on hand to film any of the children expiring, as was the case in Khan Shaykun, the site of the mysterious gassing incident that led to Trump reversing his policy on Syria, and sadly no cruise missiles were launched to destroy the airbase from which the aircraft came, as clearly they have absolutely no f**king idea what they are doing there.

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