After raising the hopes of Neocons around the World that he would become the "Zog Emperor" and send ground troops into Syria to depose Assad, President Donald Trump let everyone down when he told the New York Post that he was too chickenshit to face up to the mighty Syrian army and its Russian and Iranian allies. 

So rapid was Trump's turnaround from being the chest-thumping strongman to a scared little pussy that he almost banged into himself coming the other way.
We’re not going into Syria,” he told the NY Post Monday (10th April). “Our policy is the same — it hasn’t changed. We’re not going into Syria.”
Then, in case he had made Putin angry, he cucked some more by aligning US policy completely with Russian policy.
Our big mission is getting rid of ISIS,” Trump said. “That’s where it’s always been." 
He also tried to explain away his erratic action of bombing an empty Syrian airbase as being somehow motivated by a nebulous humanitarianism, calling it an "act of humanity."
It’s very tough to give that final go-ahead when you know you’re talking about human life,” he said. “We went back and forth, and also back and forth about severity."
He has now sent Secretary of State Tillerson to Moscow to offer cooperation with the Russians. 

For his sake, we hope that Putin is in a forgiving mood because the morale and fighting spirit of the US military is so low that they are incapable of sustaining the kind of conflict and casualties that the Syrians put up with every day.

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  1. Isn't this what we wanted? We WANT to get along with Russia. We WANT to end the brother wars. We WANT to get rid of ISIS. And we DON'T WANT to destabilize the entire Middle East because that leads to more illegal immigeation.

  2. the author of this article is obviously a neoconpoop