Syrian baby killer Slough.

When President Hillary Clinton Donald Trump ordered a missile strike on Syria, somebody had to actually do the dirty work of killing innocent people just so the media wouldn't keep calling Trump "Putin's little bitch." 

But why just kill innocent Syrians engaged in a desperate civil war when you can also signal how hard you're into gender equality? So, it was only natural that Trump, who has been under fire for comments regarding women in the past, gave the job of unleashing death on the Syrians to a woman.

Her name is Commander Andria Slough, the captain of the USS Porter — one of the two Navy destroyers that launched cruise missiles at a Syrian military airfield Thursday (6th April). Her official biography reveals that she was commissioned in 1998 from the U.S. Naval Academy with a Bachelor of Science degree in Ocean Engineering.

It is not yet known if she is gay, but if she were that would be another great plus for Trump who likes to take the edge of his "hard" image by signalling how pro-gay he is. The likelihood is, however, quite high with over a quarter of women in the military reporting same-sex experiences, which means the actual figure is probably much higher. Trump could really be missing a great PR opportunity here by not playing this up.

Her biography paints a picture of a typical fast-tracked, strait-laced functionary:
"Commander Slough's additional education includes a Master of Arts Degree in Public Policy and Administration, Concentration in Security and Intelligence Studies, from the University of Pittsburgh and qualification as a Joint Service Officer. Her personal awards include the Defense Meritorious Service Medal, the Meritorious Service Medal, Pacific Fleet Shiphandler of the Year and the Vice Admiral John D. Bulkeley Leadership Award."
She seems to be a woman of many awards but few achievements. 

Whether unleashing $60-million-dollars-worth of cruise missiles to kill a few Syrians, including kids, and temporarily damage a piece of tarmac in the desert will count as an achievement remains to be seen.
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