People are expecting a lot from Trump on several key fronts. The most important issue is how he deals with illegal immigration and immigration in general. But another important metric of his success or failure will be trade, in particular the US trade balance with the rest of the World. This is one thing, we at Alt-Right News intend to keep an eye on. 

So, it is with approval that we note the shrinking of the U.S. trade deficit in February by 9.6% to $43.56 billion. According to a report by the Commerce Department, imports fell 1.8% while exports grew 0.2%.

The fall was even sharper than economists expected. Several of them surveyed by The Wall Street Journal had projected a $44.6 billion gap.

A report by the Institute for Supply Management  (ISM) suggested U.S. factories are gearing up for greater production. The ISM said its index of manufacturing activity expanded in March, with export orders rising to their highest level since November 2013.

President Trump is set to meet Chinese leader Xi Jinping this Thursday (5th April). China is the main beneficiary of America's enormous trade deficit that robs millions of Americans of manufacturing jobs. 

If his presidency is to be seen as economically successful, Trump will need to find a way to greatly reduce this. But February has been a good month for Trump economically, with imports from China dropping at a record rate, from $41.3 billion to  $32.7 billion.

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