Turkey's new "President-for-life" Recep Erdogan has issued a new challenge to the "ZOG Emperor" Donald Trump. In recent weeks America's proxy army in Syria, the Syrian Democratic Forces (who are actually Kurdish Marxists, LOL) have been making great progress, pushing ever closer to the ISIS capital of Raqqah. 

But now it seems that Turkey's President Recep Erdogan has decided that growing Kurdish power in Syria is a bigger threat to Turkey than anything else that is going on in the mess that is Syria, and has ordered extensive bombing raids on Kurdish held territory in both Syria and Iraq. There are also reports of a massive military build-up of Turkish land forces on the border, and shooting matches have broken out between Turkiush troops and Kurdish fighters.

The Turkish air strikes hit shelters, ammunition depots, and key control centres in Karachok, Sinjar, and other locations, while Turkish artillery also hit Kurdish areas. The Kurds accused the Turks of carrying out the attacks to take the pressure of ISIS
"By this attack, Turkey is trying to undermine Raqqa operation, give (ISIS) time to reorganize and put in danger lives of thousands," the Kurdish People's Protection Units, or YPG, said on its Twitter account.
The US currently has over 1,000 US personnel in Kurdish territory, aiding and assisting the YPG and the Syrian Democratic Forces in their battle against former US proxies ISIS, and is also giving them air support. This means that Erdogan is almost directly attacking the US itself. Indeed, it seems quite possible that some US special forces may even have been killed in the Turkish strikes.

For America to just sit there and watch while its "closest allies" (and special forces) are used for bombing practice is an enormous humiliation, but Trump may simply be too "chickenshit" to stand up to a real military strong man like Erdogan, who well understands the complexities of the Syrian situation and laughs at America's naive attempts to interfere. 

All-in-all any kind of US involvement in Syria is simply a waste of time and money, and a destabalising factor on the region. In wars like this the West can never win. The question, then, is who is winning? 

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