The "Turkroach" the potent symbol of Erdogan's Neo-Ottoman Empire.

Turkey's President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, whose "memetic spirit animal" is the humble cockroach, has narrowly won a referendum that greatly expands his presidential powers. 

With 99.45% of ballots counted, the "Yes" campaign gained 51.37% of the vote against 48.63% for the "No" campaign.

The Turkish constitution will now be changed to give Erdogan more "kingly" powers. Among these, he will be able to directly appoint top public officials, including ministers, appoint one or several vice-presidents, intervene in the judiciary, and declare a state of emergency whenever he feels like it. 

The position of Prime Minister will also be abolished as there will be no need for it with all powers now concentrated in the post of President.

These powers are essentially the same as the powers that Adolf Hitler gained following the famous Reichstag Fire, and can be easily increased. The changes in the constitution will also make it possible for Erdogan to stay in office until 2029, and then who knows.

Opposition parties, which still exist, are claiming that the result was achieved through "electoral irregularities" and possible voter fraud. Next Erdogan looks set to call a referendum on reinstating the death penalty, all the better to deal with his political opponents. 

While Erdogan seems to be a thuggish and Machiavellian character, and is essentially inclined to despotism, the Alt-Right in general welcomes this development as it represents an authentic and organic evolution of Turkish politics in a way that is consistent with their history and culture. 

It also helps to emphasize the massive cultural divide between Europeans and non-Europeans that must always be respected. 

For many years EU leaders were bending over backwards to get Turkey into the EU. If Erdogan can bring back the death penalty that will ensure that Turkey can never join the EU, so all hail the new sultan of Turkey, Recep the First! Let Turkey be Turkey and let Europa be Europa!
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