When Trump bombed Syria recently, the attack was justified by accusing the Syrian government of carrying out a chemical attack on civilians. The Syrians and their Russian backers strongly denied this, saying that their bombs must have hit chemical weapons stored by the rebels. 

Now it seems the same thing has happened again, but this time with an US-led coalition airstrike. The Syrian government is claiming that hundreds of people died after coalition aircraft hit an ISIS chemical weapons storage facility in Hatila village, East to Deir ez-Zur. Eyewitnesses described a cloud of white smoke from the initial explosions, turning yellow as the toxic chemicals escaped.

The official Twitter account for the Ministry of Defense of the Syrian Arab Republic released the following statement:
Yesterday [12th April], 17:30 and 17:50, an international air strike targeted the headquarters of the terrorist organization, which included a large number of foreign mercenaries in the village of Hittila, east of Deir al-Zour, which led to the formation of a white cloud that turned yellow. This turned out to be the result of the explosion of a huge warehouse containing a large amount of toxic materials, which led to a fire that continued until 22:30 and hundreds of deaths, including large numbers of civilians as a result of the inhalation of toxic substances. 
This incident confirms the possession of chemical weapons by terrorist organizations, and their ability to obtain, transport, stockpile, and use them with the help of known countries in the region. This is what Syria decried every time terrorist groups used chemical weapons against civilians and the Syrian Arab armed forces. This also confirms that there has been coordination between these terrorist organizations and the forces supporting them to accuse the Syrian Arab army using chemical weapons. The General Command of the Armed Forces reiterates that it does not possess any kind of chemical weapons or use them, and that we must be aware of the dangers of terrorist groups continuing to use chemical weapons against civilians, especially after the recent incident that has provided them with cover so that they can escape impunity.
Damascus, 13/4/2017 
Statement issued by the General Command of the Army and Armed Forces

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