Yesterday was a bad day for AntiFam (yeh, I know, but that's how I like to spell it). 

First of all there was a demonstration supporting the one thing they hate the most -- namely free speech -- then, when they tried to get violent and started pepper spraying people and pushing trash trolleys at people, they found themselves outmatched, outnumbered, and unprotected by the police, as a group of Alt-Righters -- made up of veterans, bikers, and other milk drinkers -- smashed through their ranks, BTFOed them, and drove them off the streets. 

Alt-Right units then seized control of downtown Berkeley, holding the streets, while Antifam scuttled back to their dark holes.

There is a great video showing this. Please watch. Then watch again. Then send it to all your friends. Then get on the phone to your congressman (if you live in America obviously) and tell him to get antifam banned as a terrorist organization that endangers lives, opposes free speech, and is totally unAmerican, in fact, they are essentially American ISIS.

Also an appeal to antifam, many of whom must be having doubts about the cause they have backed: If you want something to fight for, why not come over to the light and join the Alt-Right? 

Fight for your people, your country, and a healthy World Order, not a globalist left-wing dystopia of mass immigration, Neo-Con Wars, and White genocide. The battle is real, the war is long, but the victory is certain.

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  1. maximum comfy. almost wish I had them round my area

  2. maximum comfy. almost wish I had them round my area

  3. It's about time we had another massive win!