The ‘True Right’ is informed by many writers who oppose the materialist perspective which insists on reducing human conflict to a profit-and-loss struggle over economic resources. While much of modern orthodoxy insists on analysing human affairs through a “rational” prism better suited to comprehending the behaviour of food-seeking worms, these writers (who include, for example, Ricardo Duchesne in The Uniqueness of Western Civilisation) correctly stress the irrational struggle for prestige – recognition of one’s status, remembrance of one’s deeds, and above all, aggrandisement of one’s pride – as a determining factor in social conflict.

It thus stands to reason that, as a corrective to those who have sought to reduce vastly diverse issues to matters of economic interest, we might use the psychology of pride and prestige to illuminate areas of human conduct in which the influence of these motivations is not apparent at first glance. In other words, we might look at the ways in which self-aggrandising pride is hidden, rationalised, or otherwise sublimated into other forms. Something like this was touched upon by the Chinese writer Lu Xun, who in The True Story of Ah Q portrayed a wretched peasant who suffers daily humiliations but mentally reworks them into “spiritual victories”, thus preserving his arrogant delusions of personal prestige. This work was intended as a devastating satire on the national character of the Chinese, whose fantasies of cultural supremacy served as a mask for the inferiority complex resulting from impoverishment in reality.

It is high time that some Western equivalent of Lu Xun wrote a “True Story” for our white progressivists who fawn on the interests of non-Europeans, disparage the majority of Europeans as ignorant bigots and “racists”, and express cheerful approval at the prospect of their own people’s dispossession. However, the subject here would not be abasement masquerading as pride, but self-aggrandising pride masquerading as a hypocritical and moralistic self-abasement.

It is commonly believed on the True Right that white progressivists suffer from “ethnomasochism”, a kind of racial self-loathing which drives them to promote the “suicidal” policies of ethnic replacement and multiculturalism in European countries. This is contrasted with the nationalistic self-interest of most non-whites, whose attitude of racial solidarity is said to indicate a healthier sense of self-esteem. I believe this is a dangerous misunderstanding, and what I have to say on this matter will not make comfortable reading for either white or non-white members of the progressivist “rainbow coalition”.

The Underside of Non-European Racial Pride

In order to better illustrate the true mentality of white progressivists, let us first scratch the surface of the aggressive racial pride found in many non-whites. I would suggest that these expressions of “self-esteem” in fact arise from an agonising racial inferiority complex resulting from the perceived greater prestige of Europeans (an essentially irrational grievance, which is impervious to the fact that the most “prestigious” European elites are – of course – busy selling the rest of us down the river). An example of this might be found in the slogan “Black is Beautiful”. Although this can be correctly described as an expression of racial pride that would not be tolerated in Europeans, at a deeper level it is also a reaction to perceived inferiority, conditioned by the sexual insecurity of black women (were this not so, the statement would of course be redundant and unnecessary). Although in this case the reaction does not extend as far as “White is Ugly”, it is easy to see that the resentment generated by such feelings might in fact be the source of many non-white attacks – verbal or otherwise – on Europeans.

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