Matt Forney: "Do not obey THOT orders."
It is still early days in the investigation into the explosion at the Manchester Arena that killed 20 people and injured many more. 

The "politically correct" BBC is still sticking doggedly to its theory that it was caused by an exploding balloon or possibly a gas pipe blowing up somewhere. But the rest of us have to bite the bullet, and consider that this is very likely yet another terrorist attack fuelled by racial and religious hatred of White people by Britain's Third World Islamic colonizers. 

But why pick an auditorium full of young English girls to attack? It is well known that the Muslims who hope to one day take over England and turn it into a Caliphate greatly prize young blonde girl flesh. On the face of it, blowing them up makes no sense whatsoever as they would make excellent child brides for their future haji masters. 

Perhaps the solution to this conundrum comes in the recent wide-ranging clamp-down on Islamist grooming gangs that have until comparatively recently been allowed to prey on young English girls and turn them into drug-addled junior prostitutes. According to Islam, they are seen as unworthy "kufars" ripe for sexual exploitation. The racial and religious aspect of this is clear in that they hardly ever do this to girls from their own religion and ethnicity.

It seems that the British state's decision to tackle the problem of underage grooming by Muslim gangs by giving them severe sentences of as much as three years (after time off for good behaviour) has so angered some Islamists that they have decided that if they can't have young English girls, then they may as well vent their feelings by killing as many of them as possible by placing bombs in pop concerts full of them. 

It is also no coincidence that this attack comes on the fourth anniversary of the beheading of Gunner Lee Rigby on the streets of London by jihadis.

May require a few weeks before she is ready for grooming again.
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  1. Quote:
    "May require a few weeks before she is ready for grooming again."

    bruuaaah haaa haa haaaa omfg... that is one dry / black humor... british humo ( u ) r... actually more than that: Colin-Liddell-humor ! (and the caption already being a progression compared to the article itself, the moh-terrorists to now blow up the girls now that they can´t have them as teen sex whores anymore... bruuuaaah haa haaaaaaa).