It appears that one of the recent heroes of the Alt-Right, Based Stick Man aka "The Alt-Knight," is not actually a saint, but has a slightly murky past, according to the mud-raking website "The Smoking Gun"
"The latest hero of the alt-right, a California man who has beaten and maced anti-Trump protesters on the streets of Berkeley, is a thrice-convicted felon who has served three separate prison terms, jumped bail, twice violated parole, used cocaine, LSD, and meth, and was described by his own lawyer as having 'severe psychological problems,' court records show."
Based Stickman, whose real name is Kyle Chapman, became a meme after defending free speech against violent leftist thugs at the campus of Berkeley back in March and later in April. The fact that he has a criminal record as long as your arm and has spent a total of ten years behind bars is of course interesting, but this hardly detracts from anything he did at Berkeley. In fact quite the reverse. 

Rather than devaluing his recent actions because of his criminal past, we should regard these actions in an even brighter light, and view them as the deeds of someone making amends for past sins. 

Despite a rocky start in life, it is clear that Chapman, who is now age 41, has been working hard to get his life together. He recently announced the formation of the Fraternal Order of Alt-Knights, a group founded to "protect and defend our right wing brethren" through "street activism, preparation, defense, and confrontation." The Order, Chapman declared, "is for those that possess the Warrior Spirit. The weak or timid need not apply." 

Exactly! True virtue requires virility (the two words are etymologically connected), and an excess of it, especially in one's youth, may manifest as vice on occasion.

As a taboo heretical movement, the Alt-Right is bound to attract more than its fair share of wild, rebellious, and adventurous types. Sometimes these people will have dubious pasts and be guilty of deeds that we would not want to endorse. But if the Alt-Right is about anything it is about fixing our broken society and redeeming our people from their past mistakes. 
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  1. Virility? Boomer bulls***t! Lust for battle is more like it!