Iggy Pop and Brigette Macron.

Brigitte Macron (64), the old lady with the trout pout who is the wife of the globalist shill candidate in the French Presidential election, and who bears an uncanny resemblance to leather-skinned geriatric rocker Iggy Pop (70), recently decided to have a little fun on "Le Twitter."

She ran a poll asking her echo-chamber of online sycophants who would be the next President of France, fully expecting her Twitter followers to chose her toyboy, Emmanuel Macron (39). Instead disaster struck as 68% of respondents chose Marine Le Pen (48) of the Front National, a party that believes in those "old fashioned" things called borders. 

After such a humiliation, there was nothing for Brigitte to do but delete the poll. As a follow up, I would ask her to run another poll with the question is she or is she not the "beard" for the secret gay lifestyle of her husband (as there have been countless rumours)? I would really interested to see where the French people stand on that one. 

Much older women marrying much younger men is an extremely rare phenomenon, so it always raises questions, but an interesting past case in view of the fact that France is now being subjected to rapid Islamization is that the Mohammed, the founder of Islam, was married to a much older woman. 

His first wife Khadija was 40 when he married her at the age of 25 (in later life he went the other way, of course, marrying a 9-year-old girl).

Mohammed and Macron, wrinkles in a woman not a problem.
But back to the question of deleting polls. One wonders if the globalists will attempt the same thing on May the 7th if the final poll produces a result equally upsetting to Brigitte and her toyboy. 

Or will they, as is the case in America, try to hollow out the successful populist candidate from inside and use her as window dressing for their sick agenda. Whatever they try, Marine is sure to prove a tougher proposition than Trump.
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  1. Cool this world havin Fun !

  2. The irony of an alt right website calling her Twitter an "echo chamber of online sycophants", you conservatives are such hypocrites everything you say about other people applies to yourselves.