Under the slogan "You Will Not Replace Us" Alt-Righters and supporters of Confederate history, led by General Dick "Stonejaw" Spencer, marched in Charlottesville, Virginia, to protect the statue of General Robert E. Lee, which the city council recently voted to remove. 

Marching to the sound of drums and with banners flying, the defenders of White heritage, numbering around 200, faced down a motley crew of black-clad antifa, specially bused in by whichever globalist plutocrat hates White people the most this week. 

They were then treated to speeches by Spencer and other Alt-Right luninaries, including Nathan Damigo, Sam Dickson, and Mike Enoch.

Spencer kicked things off with a ringing statement:
"We are here for two reasons. We are here to say 'No' -- no more attacks on our identity, on our heritage, no more attacks on us as a people. We are also here to say 'Yes' -- YES, this is who we are! YES, we are going to occupy space. You will not replace us. You will not destroy us. You cannot destroy us."
In a short, punchy speech, Nathan Damigo, famous for taking out Moldylocks at the Battle of Berkeley emphasized the need to accept sacrifice: 
"If you want it you're going to have to fight for it," Damigo said, as he scanned the horizon looking for the next Moldylocks. "Our opponents are willing to fight for what they believe, and when they take it there, we have to be willing to fight back."
There were minor scuffles with antifa, but no arrests were made. As night fell, the defenders of General Lee's statue paid homage to the great champion of the Confederacy with a torchlight parade (a nice one, not like the one's the Nazis used to do....OK, maybe a bit like the Nazis used to do, just to drive home the message not to push the White kids too far.) 

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  1. I get that these are jokey or humorous posts and I like that, but surely you want the humorous parts to be detectable right? At any rate there were no antifa bussed in, they didn't have time, as they didn't know about it until the afternoon of. From the Daily Shoah report there was one probable antifa, the rest were random SWPLs from a nearby multi-culturalism celebration.