Heroic sandwich maker.

After weeks of fighting, mainly in and around the town of Tabqa, soldiers of the Syrian Democratic Forces have finally captured the important Tabqa Dam on the Euphrates River and eliminated the pocket of ISIS fighters who were bravely holding it.

After transporting reinforcements across Lake Assad (the lake made by the dam), the SDF attacked the dam from the South and met up with their forces on the North of the dam.

The SDF, which is a US-backed grouping, dominated by Marxist Kurdish units, announced the final victory through one of their female soldiers, SDF commander Rojda Felat, in an obvious attempt to graft a feminist narrative onto the event, insulting the men who died in the battle.

The victory opens the way for the SDF to advance on the ISIS capital of Raqqah from the West. Meanwhile to the north of Raqqah, another SDF offensive made gains, reportedly advancing 7km towards Raqqah.

Here too there has been an attempt to put a female face on this advance in social media. 
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