It takes a lot to get the Germans riled up. Invade their country with millions of disrespectful Third World migrants? "No problem." Shit in their streets, rip off their welfare system, and steal anything that isn't nailed down? "No biggie." Rape their daughters, murder their sons. "I guess we deserved it because of Hitler." etc.

But rape some Chinese students studying in Germany and finally all hell breaks loose. 

On Tuesday (16th May) a German court convicted an unnamed 32-year-old Iraqi man of raping two Chinese college students in the western city of Bochum in August and November last year. 

While many German girls had been raped before this, this case is recognized as being one of the main ones that helped to launch a national debate on the problem of migrant rape, simply because the victims were not German. 

The rapist who came to Germany as an asylum-seeker more than a year ago with his wife and children was sentenced to 11 years in prison, which will, as usual, be reduced on the grounds of "good behaviour" (i.e. not eating your fellow inmates' kidneys) and his children needing a father to 3 or 4 years. 

The Chinese victims were 21 and 27 years old and had been studying at Bochum University.

When are the Germans going to start worrying as much about their own daughters?
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