Meme fest provokes trigger tsunami at American University in Washington DC 

We in the Alt-Right know that SJWs have trouble coping with our irony and humor. This was exposed yet again at American University in Washington DC, where some "based as f**k" alt-righters commemorated the passing of Harambe with a few simple fruity tributes.

Sadly the Left are unaware of the significance of a banana displaying the simple but poignant message “Harambe bait.” We on the Alt-Right would remind them of the sacrifice Harambe made and that these displays are symbolic acts of love for a fallen hero.

And as a pièce de résistance the ADL, The Daily Stormer’s most devoted and uncomprehending readership, are up in arms that chief pixie and mischief maker Andrew Anglin has ‘suggested’ that his readers send messages of ‘support’ to the unfortunately named Taylor Dumpson. Sadly the ADL have misinterpreted Anglin’s suggestion of ‘support’ and recast his good intentions as being ‘facetious’ and malicious.

As a closing note, we would remind our readership that despite the obvious comedic value of this incident, hoaxes are an all too common tool of our opponents too. 
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