Welcome to Milo World - a still from Milo's party vid.
Milo Yiannopouos, the "forgotten man of the Alt-Lite," wants the world to know that "The Bitch is Back" and chose the 5th of May to hold his comeback party, titled Cinco de Milo, a pun on the Mexican celebration held on that day.

Milo being Milo, the party had a lot of the usual Milo touches -- naked Black men, Israeli flags, strippers, rented reptiles, and old men with tattoos. 

As we know, the Alt-Lite is all about not noticing race and the JQ, and all about "muh freedums," Israel, anti-Islamism, and the Wall -- which is fine if insufficient. But Milo brings a lot of degeneracy into the equation that can't sit easily with the likes of Mike Cernovich, Alex Jones, Paul Joseph Watson, etc. 

Perhaps we should term Milo's particular invocation of the Alt, "The Alt-Shite"...

Meanwhile at the party, Milo flounced around, using a Burmese python as a fashion accessory. Nothing new there, you might say. But there were also disturbing hints that Milo may be even more degenerate than we suspect. 

First of all there is the mysterious $12 million that "anonymous" donors recently gave him as seed money to start his own media enterprise, following his firing by Breitbart. But, more than this, what are we to make of the official video of the party that clearly references the simmering Pizzagate pedophilia scandal?

Near the beginning of the video, which tries to capture the vibe of decadent libertarianism that Milo encapsulates, a drone camera shoots down at the luxury mansion where the party is being held and zooms in on a large pizza-shaped lilo in the swimming pool. This is clearly a stylistic choice rather than some random accident, and we know that Milo knows all about Pizzagate. 

Indeed, one reason why his earlier career was derailed was because he was starting to show an "unhealty" interest in exposing aspects of Pizzagate. But it seems that someone got to him. Back in December, on his own admission, a planned talk on Pizzagate was cancelled after he "got a number of phone calls with Washington area codes."

There are just too many questions now.
  • What is the true story with Milo? 
  • Why did he show an interest in addressing Pizzagate only to have his career derailed and then lose interest in the subject? 
  • Who is behind his relaunch and the $12 million reportedly invested in it? 
  • Why is there a prominent pizza in the pool party? 
  • Are they sending out a not-so-subtle message that they got to Milo and will get to anyone else who makes trouble for them? 
  • Who are "they"?

There are a number of possibilities here. Milo could have been threatened, bribed, or lured into activities that enable him to be blackmailed, or a combination of all three. 

Whatever the answer, Milo is clearly damaged goods and the Alt-Right should forget about any kind of synergy with this degenerate, no matter how witty and entertaining he can be on occasion.

Sad to say, we at Alt-Right News would not be surprised if Milo ended up floating face down in a pool himself, rather than that pizza-themed lilo. Somehow that would be a fitting end to his manic career.

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  1. What we see in that promo is pure Frankism. Did you notice the Israeli flag? How provocative. Remember that these Frankists (Sabbatean Jews) turn good into evil and evil into good as part of their deranged world-view. Distortion, desecration, deception and betrayal is what you may expect of them. And they will continue their subversive work until their Messiah appears and takes over the world. And their Messiah won't be a spiritual one.

  2. Need to get up to speed on Sabbatean Jews. They only got on my radar when Dr Andrew Joyce did an interview with a pair of "alt-right" Jews who claimed MacDonald's "group strategy" model of Judaism falls apart when it enters the Sabbatean orbet. For my money the best coverage of Milo was at the Daily Stormer.