From memes to bombs, from White Sharia to White ISIS. Oh, sorry, are we punching right?

You'll probably have heard some of the weird news reports about Atomwaffen,
the Daily-Stormer-affiliated group. 

One of their members, Devon Arthurs, murdered two other members, then surrendered to the police, allowing them to do a full search of the residence where the murders happened, and where they lived with yet another member, Brandon Russell, who was also arrested. (Yes, it seems they all lived together, just like The Monkees or the Young Ones). 

The search turned up not only bomb-making chemicals, like the highly dangerous hexamethane triperoxide diamin, but also radioactive materials, thorium and americium. These apparently belonged to Russell.

Yup, a real shit show!

Atomwaffen, the good times?

Whether dupes, irony-free morons, or even paid shills, it seems that these guys were into some pretty heavy terroristic shit -- more "White ISIS" than "White sharia," and just the kind of image the Establishment would love to project onto the Alt-Right, the one ideology that can seriously challenge it.

The bad news is that Atomwaffen were endorsed and promoted by the Daily Stormer, which is itself endorsed and promoted by other more established Alt-Right sites, including TRS, Counter-Currents, and even Richard Spencer's new venture

Under the slogan "don't punch right" and the ill-defined notion that it's somehow all ironic and a big in-joke, all these sites have, to various degrees, shared air with the Stormer and smiled at its supposedly ironic baiting of normies with its oh-so-hilarious overuse of the K-word and the N-word and its invocation of violent revolution (RaHoWa, Day of the Rope, etc.), little realizing the damage done to sensible Alt-Right ideas by this reductio ad extremis approach.

Chill, bro, it's just a troll...

But I guess when you start blowing away fellow Nazi shitposters because you've been sucking on the "White sharia" pill a little too hard, and then the police arrest the other guy because he's got a load of bomb-making equipment, it's probably safe to say things have gone well beyond the innocent pleasures of trolling or the childlike joys of shitposting. 

Now the Stormer is directly tainted with this mess, this leak of toxic radiation from the aptly named Atomwaffen (German for Atomic weapon). And where does that leave the once hilarious TRS, which, post-doxxing, is paradoxically striving to keep its edge but also be more respectable? TRS still run Nazi memes and their podcast is still called "The Daily Shoah," even though the joke has kind of worn off there. 

Then there is Richard Spencer and, who are keen to surf that edgy Stormer/TRS energy, while trying to maintain an "ironic" distance.

Really, if one wanted to "punch right" and "counter signal," it wouldn't be too hard with all this material lying round to construct your own conspiracy bomb along the lines that the Atomwaffen f**k-up serves perfectly to toxify and discredit much of the Alt-Right. 

Sometimes the worst kind of naivety is a smug ironic assurance of being "in on the joke." This time it seems that the joke may very well have been on the Alt-Right.
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  1. We must understand that in an environment of anti-white media, social constructs, and public policies, some people will feel driven to lash out at this system. While I do not think terroristic violence is productive in dismantling this anti-white system or dispose the fabio-jacobin elite that implement it. But I will not, nor any person on the alt-right should, apologize or self-censor for such unfortunate events.

    1. Looks like a bad case of punching right LOL.

  2. As a white person, i.e., the victim of ongoing, coordinated, world-wide genocide complete with racist mass-murder and rape, I am really worried that the forces committing this genocide will use incidents like the ones you describe to say bad things about us.

  3. Do we have firsthand knowledge of this or was it just in the (((media)))?

  4. This is fucking retarded, AW isn't even associated with the alt-right nor would they want to be. Associating with the likes that keep faggots and jews in their midst would be below them

  5. The jews are lying about the bomb making materials. The stuff they found was a tiny amount that could not blow up much.

  6. I found Anglin's comment on this particular issue much more enlightening than the Alt-Right-News post on it. There was much more depth and context to the story. The one who killed the other two had converted to Islam, and he first said he killed them due to some "jihadist" reason. Afterwards, perhaps after (((coaching))), he claimed it was because these AW guys who were his supposed friends were going to commit a terrorist act. We all know the MSM cannot be trusted in virtually ANY of their news, especially that on the Alt Right, and apparently the guy who had the supposed "bomb making" materials was a science geek type who tinkered with all kinds of things and collected this stuff while performing little "experiments" at times. Other friends who knew him for a long time said there was no way he would hurt anyone. If I recall correctly, one was someone that was in some kind of science camp with him. Anyway, the guy who became a Muslim apparently had some plan to murder his comrades at the next AW meeting, perhaps turning on them at the gun range, and when his two room mate friends found out about it and sat him down to talk sense to him, he went off and killed them. Anglin admits that this chapter of AW made a BIG mistake by allowing some guy who had converted to Islam to continue to attend their meetings and be a part of their lives. These chapters don't have centralized leadership, so each kind of operates on its own.

    1. Sounds like damage control to me. I think we'll learn more when the Gersh case comes to court.

    2. Just look at their official statement on the matter.

  7. No one needs to discredit you. Your paranoid ravings discredit good Christian conservatives as it is. You are a embarrassment to the entire right wing movement, and we all wish you would just shut the fuck up.